Branch Action Plan

In the past, each of the Landscape Institute’s branches have been required to produce an Action Plan, following prescribed criteria. However, the creation of the new South East Branch in 2008 provided the opportunity for a new approach.

The findings of the membership survey conducted in summer 2009 were used by the newly formed Branch committee to inform the strategic priorities the branch should aim to implement. through its business and its activities.

Accordingly, the South East Branch committee made a set of ‘pledges’ regarding its business and activities. Those pledges are as follows:-


The Core Pledges

  • We will be accessible to, and responsive to our members
  • We will strive to keep branch affairs straightforward and pragmatic, and avoid needless bureaucracy
  • We will always aim to use branch funds in the most cost-effective way
  • We will promote Landscape Architecture directly to those outside the profession, and indirectly by encouraging good practice of members within the profession
  • We will be flexible, and prepared to adapt our priorities and practices whenever needed.

The purpose of the branch

1. The committee’s primary role is to represent branch members regarding regional matters, and to promote Landscape Architecture within our region

2. In undertaking this role, the committee will always act in the best interests of branch members, as far as can be anticipated.

3. The guiding principles of the branch’s business, will be the objects as set out in paragraph 5(1) of the Landscape Institute’s Charter of Incorporation, and the Standards set out by the ‘Code of Standards of Conduct and Practice for Landscape Architects’.

The structure of the branch

4. For reasons of practicality, the branch will sub-divide into 3 ‘hubs’:

    • The ‘North’ hub being Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.
    • The ‘West’ hub being Surrey, Hampshire, IoW and West Sussex
    • The ‘East’ hub being East Sussex and Kent.

Active members and representatives of each hub will organise branch activities and engage with members locally, but will be able to draw upon the support of branch committee resources and funding.

A representative of each hub will be invited to attend committee meetings.

The Branch Committee will do the following:-

5. At least 6 branch events / activities will be arranged in every year, (at least 2 for each hub).

6. The topic and timing of branch events / activities will reflect the preferences indicated by members in the July 2009 membership survey, or as may be updated from time-to-time. Member’s interests will be reflected proportionate to the distribution of the membership’s whereabouts, specialism, employment, and other demographic trends.

7. We commit to communicate regularly with members

    1. We will regularly distribute branch newsletters to members via email, to keep them informed of recent and planned branch activities / initiatives.
    2. We will encourage branch members to keep the Secretariat informed of any changes to their contact details, including changes to email addresses.
    3. We will keep the branch website up-to-date, and use it to best affect to further the promotion of Landscape Architecture within the region, and in the interests of branch members.

8. We will build links with Schools of Landscape within the region. Furthermore, we will promote Landscape Architecture within Higher Education, by establishing contact with courses of relevant disciplines (such as Architecture) to offer assistance teaching subjects relevant to Landscape Architecture.

9. We will develop reciprocal links with related organisations. Where relevant to Landscape Architects, we will promote events organised by partner organisations, and will welcome members of those organisations to any LISE events.

10. We will encourage members to be actively engaged with the Landscape Institute, at regional or national level.

11. We will communicate and consult with branch members on matters of national Landscape Institute policy, as directed by the Secretariat.

12. We will assist Pathway to Chartership candidates through their learning process

The business and conduct of the Branch Committee

13. Committee members will conducts themselves and branch business in accordance with the Standards set out by the ‘Code of Standards of Conduct and Practice for Landscape Architects’, and also with principles set out by the Nolan Committee.

In essence, committee members will act selflessly, with integrity and objectivity. They will demonstrate leadership, openness, honesty, and will be accountable for their actions. These principles written in full will be disseminated to all new Committee members.

14. The administration and organization of the branch will be in accordance with the branch constitution, adopted on the 29th May 1998, and updated in February 2009, relating to the Landscape Institute’s Royal Charter.

15. Branch funds will be spent wisely and prudently, for the benefit of branch members.

16. No member should incur any personal financial expense whilst undertaking branch business. All expenses will be reimbursed.

Adopted 23rd October, 2009. Viist us at online casino österreich

Martin Hird, CMLI – Past South East Branch Chair