Destination Hayling

Destination Hayling

Destination Hayling

Hayling Island boasts a number of strengths: it offers a base for a variety of water sporting activities with the tag of ‘the original home of windsurfing’, a unique and diverse landscape of such importance it has been listed as a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’, a location within just two hours drive of London offering a great opportunity for a weekend break and a friendly and tight knit community that are extremely proud of their town.

However the current facilities are outdated, uninviting and do not appeal to potential visitors, supplying only seasonal usage. Connections to the water frontage are poor and therefore many potential attractions are uneconomic to build and lastly, those attractions that are currently located along the sea front don’t respond to changing recreational trends.

Havant Borough Council and Tourism SE recognised that Hayling Island has reached a point where a decision must be made; either invest in the future or face continued deterioration. To address this, Terra Firma were appointed, with subconsultants HGP Architects and leisure specialists Planning Solutions, to produce a masterplan for the Hayling Seafront.

Research carried out by Terra Firma included public consultation workshops and helped to shape a Masterplan and vision for Hayling Island that included high quality iconic architecture. The intention is to offer year-round activities to draw in visitors and provide the necessary infrastructure, such as boardwalks and key routes through to the water frontage, to accommodate and access these new developments.

With this investment Terra Firma believes that Hayling Island will once again regain its reputation as an exciting coastal town, attracting visitors for day trips, weekends and longer stays. These facilities will also provide Hayling with the opportunity for economic regeneration, through construction and employment, but most importantly they will provide a destination that the local community can be proud of once more.

Since concluding the Masterplan, Terra Firma and HGP Architects have been appointed to take forward design ideas for a water-sports centre at Hayling’s West Beach.

Location Hayling Island, Hampshire
Type of scheme Coastal regeneration
Lead landscape architect The Terra Firma Consultancy Ltd
Outline brief


Client Havant Borough Council and Tourism South-East
Contract value Estimated £40 million
Completion date 2008
Project team Architects: HGP Architects

Market viability: Planning Solutions

Planning authority Havant Borough Council
Contact details
Category Strategic landscape planning

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